First ever ultra

Issyk Kul Six-Day

The world’s longest 6-stage race

6 days

460 km

September 2023



Issyk Kul Region, Kyrgyzstan


1,600-2,000 m above sea level


20 runners, pre-selected


83 km, 80 km, 86 km, 84 km, 78 km, 49 km; total gain & loss of 2.3 km


Predominantly asphalt & some dirt trails


Accommodation in comfortable conditions (hotels and yurt camps), full board, transfers, visits to hot springs & massages are included in the participation package

Stage start

Refreshment points, medical care

All information above is preliminary, and more details will be provided in the Rules and the Road Book the participants will receive before the race

Rise to a Whole New Level

Running 460 km in 6 days at altitudes up to 2,000 m is a bold challenge, so we select our participants carefully by studying their running experience and strictly limit the number of participants in the 1st Issyk Kul Six-Day Challenge.

Take the risk of becoming one of only 20 pioneers and have your name inked in history!

Such a beautiful place

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia, and Issyk Kul Lake is the central gem in the crown of local attractions. The route of the ultramarathon is laid out so as not only to run around the entire lake but to also admire the Martian beauty of Fairy Tale Canyon and Seven Bulls Rocks.

Issyk Kul is the second largest mountain lake in the world
Issyk Kul means “warm lake”: it never freezes. Additionally, there are many hot springs around
The southern coast of Issyk Kul is replete with literally Martian landscapes...
...and the whole lake is surrounded by a circle of snowy peaks of the Tien Shan
The participants of “Ultra Issyk Kul” will enjoy their rest not only in hotels but in real yurts, too
Kyrgyzstan is the fascinating world of nomads

Do not have a Coach?

Are you excited but not sure that you can handle such a challenge on your own, and you do not have a coach? Issyk Kul Six-Day Challenge is organized under the auspices of the Running Expert, a coaching service with experience in successfully preparing for the most difficult ultras in the world, from the Spartathlon to the Badwater. Run with us, be ultra!

Unforgettable Experience

This is the Issyk Kul Six-Day Challenge

Package Includes

Covering 460 km in 6 days is an incredible challenge for the human body, and we understand this better than anyone, therefore we place participants in the most comfortable hotels in Issyk-Kul. However, visiting Kyrgyzstan and not spending the night in a real yurt will have you missing out a lot, so athletes will spend at least 2 nights in yurt camps, where all conditions for good rest and sleep will nevertheless be provided.

The Participant’s package includes accommodation for 9 nights in a double room by default; when staying in a yurt camp, 4-bed accommodation is possible.

From Arrival Day to Departure Day, participants can enjoy 3 meals a day without alcoholic beverages on all days, as well as an Award Banquet with wine and champagne at the end of the race. Of course, on the actual running days, many participants may have time to only eat twice; on the other hand, if you run fast enough, you can get there in time for lunch. 😉

Please note. Since nutrition during a run is a purely individual thing, we provide athletes with water and drinks like cola along the distance, but each participant must take care of their sports nutrition themselves. However, we are always ready to help each of you with this matter both in word and deed.

​All transfers to/from the airport, accommodation, and the start and finish points are included in the Participant’s package.

We care about the health of the participants and do everything possible to ensure that each of the starters successfully completes the super demanding race that is Issyk Kul Six-Day Challenge. Therefore, we provide medical examination before the start and medical support during the entire period of the event, and a team of professional physiotherapists and masseurs is engaged in the recovery of the participants. Athletes also have access to the famous healing hot springs of Issyk Kul, saunas, and pools, and all these are included in the Participant’s package!

We make it possible for your loved ones and your fans to follow you in real time with the help of cutting-edge GPS trackers and an application that shows your location at any given time and calculates the arrival time at the finish of each stage. You’ll Never Walk Alone 😉 during our race.

No doubt, there is no way to impress an experienced runner like yourself with a starter pack or a finisher T-shirt. Of course, each participant of the Issyk Kul Six-Day Challenge will receive elite quality commemorative sports equipment and free photos, but after the finish you will also be awarded a unique belt buckle, and, in addition, a short film about your participation in this unprecedented race. We bet you will watch it more often than the one from your wedding! 😉

All-Inclusive Package


Accommodation for 9 nights, full board, transfers, medical support, photos, videos & elite event gifts

extra services

You may always ask for any additional service, including, but not limited to:

Do you want single or family accommodation? Tell us about it, and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Are you a vegan, or do you have other dietary preferences or restrictions? Let us know, and we will offer you free or paid options to best meet your food habits.

Coaching services for our participants are provided by Running Expert, the company with unique ultrarunning experience. This is the best option you can choose to guarantee your successful finish in the 1st Issyk Kul Six-Day Challenge.

Coaching service with unparalleled experience in training ultramarathon runners around the world. Our portfolio includes:

Contact us

Office Address:

I Am Ultra, LLC

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Bishkek, 720001, Kyrgyzstan



+996 700 738721

Most of the time, participants will run at altitudes of 1,600-1,700 m above sea level, only occasionally rising to 2,000 m. Such heights are not considered extreme since the decrease in oxygen content in the air is not too significant. While it would affect marathon runners, ultramarathoners run much slower, so this won’t be a critical issue for them.

Still, altitude will undoubtedly have some effect. In particular, there is increased dryness of air. Before the start, each participant will receive recommendations from us on preparing for their stay in Issyk-Kul, including drinking regimen, nutrition, and nutritional supplements. During the race, you will be under the supervision of our medical staff.

As a minimum, you must have completed at least one 6-day race like the Marathon des Sables and (or) a road race over 200 km (the Spartathlon, Badwater, etc.). However, each case will be considered on an individual basis, so if you don’t formally meet the above criteria but you’re an experienced ultra – for example, a 100-mile trail fan – don’t hesitate to apply.

Yep. This is what we do: preparing seemingly ordinary people for what appears to be, at first glance, insane ultrachallenges around the world, as well as organizing our own challenges that are even more nuts. So we know for sure that the real limits of human capacity lie far beyond anyone’s imagination.

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